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Alaska Bookcase
The Alaska Bookcase has one basket drawer. 100 x 32.5 x 195 cm. V01.
Argento Shelf Unit
The Argento Shelf Unit comes in various sizes. The 5 cube (pictured) is the largest. 120 x 30 x 183.8cm. V01.
Auckland Bookcase
The Auckland Bookcase comes in several sizes. Pictured is the 1500 long x 330 deep by 900 high bookcase. The other sizes are 900 x 900, 1830 x 900, 1830 x 1200, 2030 x 900, and 2030 x 1200. Colour: Blackwood. R19.
Brosna Bookcase
The Brosna Bookcase is available in ash veneer – black (pictured) and high gloss white. 70 x 28 x 180. I01.
Corner BookcasaeCorner Bookcase
The Corner Bookcase is available with glass or solid doors. 1100h x 830w x 410d. F21.
Element Book Shelf
The Element Book Shelf is 52 x 35 x 180 cm. There are also sideboards and entertainment units available in the element range. Reclaimed wood and metal with rustic coloured finish. V01.
Florida Bookcase
The Florida Bookcase pictured is 1300 long x 360 deep x 2000 high. There is also a smaller Florida bookcase with four drawers at the bottom. Colour: Rustic oak. R19.
Ironstone Bookcase
The Ironstone Bookcase is 1800h x 600w. F16.
Rapid Span Bookcase
The Rapid Span Bookcase is 1600mm x 900mm x 450mm. Colour: White. F16.
Media Cube Bookcases
1 x 4  is 420w x 390d x 1550h,
1.5 x 4 is 600w x 390d x 1550h.
3 x 4 is 1180w x 390d x 1550h. (pictured)
Colour: White. I01
Rapid Timber Bookcase
The Rapid Timber Bookcase is 1800mm x 900mm. A crendenza and hutch is also available. Colour: Redwood. F16.
Rapid Worker Wall Unit
The Rapid Worker Wall Unit comes in 3 sizes:
1800h x 900w x 450d
1800h x 1200w x 450d
1800h x 1800w x 450d
Colour: Cherry (pictured), beech, grey. F16
Pinnacle 1800 Bookcase
The Pinnacle 1800 Bookcase has two drawers. 1800w x 350d x 1250h. E06.
Rapid Worker Bookcase
The Rapid Worker Bookcase comes in three sizes:
1800h x 900w x 315d (pictured)
1200h x 900w x 315d
900h x 900w x 315d
A credenza and hutch and a pigeon hole unit are also available.
Colour: Cherry (pictured), beech, grey. F16

Shelby Bookcases
The Shelby Bookcases come in the following sizes:
A 1800l x 330w x 1200h
B 900l x 330w x 1800h
C 1200l x 330w x 2100h
D 1200l x 330w x 1800h
E 600l x 330w x 1800h
F 900l x 330w x 1800h
G 1800l x 330w x 1800h staggered
Solid timber. I01.
Silkwood Cube
The Silkwood Cube comes in three sizes. Cube three (pictured) is 45 x 40 x 150 cm. Cube two is 45 x 40 x 100 cm, and cube one is 45 x 40 x 50 cm. Colour: Antique Oak. I01.
Study Bookcase
The Study Bookcase pictured is 135 x 35 x 200. It is available in three other sizes. Antique oak stain. I01.
Toscana BookcaseToscana Bookshelf
The Toscana Bookshelf is 100 x 32.5 x 190 cm. V01.
White Haven Bookcase
The two tone White Haven Bookcase is 1800 x 360 x 2000. A18.