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Chests & Tallboys

Ada Lingerie Chest
The chest is 600 long x 420 deep x 1210 high. The range includes a three drawer bedside, a four drawer bedside, a five drawer TV Chest, and a wardrobe. There are six, eight, nine, eleven, and twelve drawer tallboys Colour: Blackwood, walnut. R19.
Alaska 7 Drawer Lowboy
The Alaska 7 Drawer Lowboy is 140 x 45 x 85 cm. Colour: Brushed White. V01.
Ashton Tallboy
The Ashton Tallboy is 110 x 45 x 125 cm. Colour: Rustic. V01.
Bondi Cabinet
The Bondi Cabinet pictured is 84 x 42 x 84 cm. The Bondi range includes a one drawer bedside and cabinets with four and six drawers. Wood frame with natural cane drawers. V01.
Broken Hill Tallboy
The Broken Hill Tallboy is available as shown with a rustic charm stain. R19.
Chan Tallboy
The Chan Tallboy comes in three sizes. The eleven drawer tallboy is pictured and there is also a six drawer tallboy and a twelve drawer tallboy. The range includes a lingerie chest and bedsides. L05.
Coastal Chest
The Coastal Chest is available as a 9 drawer chest (pictured) and in various other sizes. T01.
Heritage Tallboy
The Heritage Tallboy is 1050 x 450 x 1265. The Heritage range includes a bedside, lingerie chest, coffee table, blanket box, and display unit. A18.
Flinders 5 Drawer Tallboy
The Flinders 5 Drawer Tallboy is 860w x 400d x 1060h. Colour: Federation Teak. T01.
French Coast Tallboy
The French Coast tallboy is available in whitewash (pictured) or charcoal. It is 920w x 460d x 1100h.
Jeannie Chest of Drawers
The Jeannie Chest of Drawers is 835l x 1020h x 490d. White. D01.
Lilydale Tallboy
The Lilydale 5 Drawer Tallboy is 920w x 410d x 1120h. White. I01.
Mexicana Tall Cabinet
The Mexicana Tall Cabinet is 48 x 49 x 110 cm. Colour: American Heritage. V01.
New Grange Tallboy
The New Grange Tallboy is 707 wide x 484 deep x 1180 high. There is a king and queen bed, bedside, and dresser with mirror in this range as well. B11.
Stamford Cabinet
The Stamford Cabinet pictured is 148 x 50 x 100 cm. The Stamford range includes a six drawer lowboy, a six drawer tallboy, a two drawer bedside, and a queen bed. Reclaimed wood with a natural colour. V01.
Tiffany Tallboy
The Tiffany Tallboy is available in black PU. 91 x 45 113. I01.
Tasmania Dresser
The Tasmania Dresser comes with 5 drawers as pictured (855w x 450d x 1160h) and six drawers (1050w x 500d x 750h). D01.
The Woolshed Lingerie Chest
Woolshed Lingerie Chest is 60 x 42 x 119. Colour: rustic oak. I01.