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August Desk
The August Desk is 1740l x 860d x 820h. Ash gray as shown. R19.
Cable Beach Writing Table
The Cable Beach Writing Table is available in federation teak (pictured) and cocoa. 1100w x 550d x 760h. T01.
Bass 1100 Student Desk
The Bass 1100 Student Desk is 1100w x 560d x 780h.  Colour: Federation teak. T01.
Florida Desk
The Florida Desk is 1600 long x 750 deep x 790 high. There are matching two drawer and three drawer fining cabinets. Colour: Rustic oak. R19,
Fitzroy Corner Desk
The Fitzroy Corner Desk is available as shown. Colour: rustic. I01.
Isabella Desk and Hutch
The Isabella desk is 1100l x 510d x 750h and the hutch is 1100l x235d x 890h. Blackwood as shown. R19.
Jeanie Desk & Hutch
The Jeanie Desk & Hutch is 1200l x 1680h x 590d. White. D01.
Kimberley Desk
The Kimberley Desk pictured is 1500 long x 760 deep x 790 high. It is also available as a 1800 long desk. The Kimberley range includes two and three drawer filing cabinets, a display unit, corner TV units, and bookcases. Colour: Pine. E06.
Lilydale Dressor/Desk
The Lilydale Dressor/Desk has 3 drawers and is 1210 x 550d x 810h. Colour: White. I01.
Paddington Desk
The Paddington Desk is available as shown. Colour: Blackwood. L05.
Petra Corner Desk
The Petra Corner Desk is 156.7 cm high x 90 cm wide x 90 cm deep. As pictured. B17.
Rapid Manager Reception Desk
The Rapid Manager Reception Desk is comprised of a bow front desk (1800 x 950) and a reception hob. Colours: Appletree , young beech(pictured). F14.
Rapid Span Desk
The Rapid Span Desk comes in 3 sizes:
1800 x 700
1500 x 700
1200 x 700
There is also a corner workstation in this range. Colour: White. F14.
Rapid Span Reception Desk
The Rapid Span Reception Desk is 2400 x 1500. It includes the drawer unit and the tower box holder. Colour: white. F14.
Rapid Worker Bow Front Desk
The Rapid Worker Bow Front Desk comes in 2 sizes:
1800 x 900
1500 x 750
Colours: Cherry, beech. F14.
Rapid Worker Corner Workstation
The Rapid Worker Corner Workstation comes in many sizes ranging from 1200 x 1200 x 600 up to 1800 x 1800 x 750. Colours: Cherry (pictured), beech, grey. F14.
Rapid Manager Desk
The Rapid Manager Desk comes in 2 sizes:
1800 x 900
1500 x 750
Lockable drawers (pictured) come as an optional extra.  There is also a bow front desk, conference desk, corner workstation and desk return in this range. Colours: Appletree (pictured), young beech. F14.
Rapid Worker Desk
The Rapid Worker Desk comes in several sizes:
1800 x 900
1500 x 750
1800 x 750
1200 x 600
900 x 600
Lockable drawers (pictured) come as an optional extra. Colours: Cherry (pictured), beech, grey. F14.
Sherlock 2 Drawer Desk
The Sherlock Desk is 1500l x 700d x 780h. Colour: Antique Oak. I01.
Waverley Desk
The Waverley Desk is 76 cm high x 130 cm wide x 39.5 cm deep. White. B17.