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Chests & Tallboys

Ada Lingerie Chest
The Ada Lingerie Chest is 600 long x 420 deep x 1210 high. The Ada range includes a three drawer bedside, a four drawer bedside, a five drawer TV Chest, and a wardrobe. There are six, eight, nine, eleven, and twelve drawer tallboys as well. Colour: Blackwood, walnut. R19.
Amber Clear Mirror Tallboy
The Amber Clear Mirror Tallboy is 90 x 50 x 120 cm. There is a three drawer bedside available also. V01.
Alaska 7 Drawer Lowboy
The Alaska 7 Drawer Lowboy is 140 x 45 x 85 cm. Colour: Brushed White. V01.
Ashton Tallboy
The Ashton Tallboy is 110 x 45 x 125 cm. Colour: Rustic. V01.
Bondi Cabinet
The Bondi Cabinet pictured is 84 x 42 x 84 cm. The Bondi range includes a one drawer bedside and cabinets with four and six drawers. Wood frame with natural cane drawers. V01.
Broken Hill Tallboy
The Broken Hill Tallboy is available as shown with a rustic charm stain. R19.
Chan Tallboy
The Chan Tallboy comes in three sizes. The eleven drawer tallboy is pictured and there is also a six drawer tallboy and a twelve drawer tallboy. The range includes a lingerie chest and bedsides. L05.
Hampton Tallboy
The Hampton Tallboy is 1000l x 460d x 1100h. Colour: White wash. R19.
Heritage Tallboy
The Heritage Tallboy is 1050 x 450 x 1265. The Heritage range includes a bedside, lingerie chest, coffee table, blanket box, and display unit. A18.
Flinders 5 Drawer Tallboy
The Flinders 5 Drawer Tallboy is 860w x 400d x 1060h. Colour: Federation Teak. T01.
French Coast Tallboy
The French Coast tallboy is available in whitewash (pictured) or charcoal. It is 920w x 460d x 1100h.
Jeannie Chest of Drawers
The Jeannie Chest of Drawers is 835l x 1020h x 490d. White. D01.
Lilydale Tallboy
The Lilydale 5 Drawer Tallboy is 920w x 410d x 1120h. White. I01.
Mexicana Tall Cabinet
The Mexicana Tall Cabinet is 48 x 49 x 110 cm. Colour: American Heritage. V01.
New Grange Tallboy
The New Grange Tallboy is 707 wide x 484 deep x 1180 high. There is a king and queen bed, bedside, and dresser with mirror in this range as well. B11.
Panther Children’s Chest
The Panther Children’s Chest is available in pink and white (pictured) and blue and white. The range includes a bed, robe, and five drawer chest. D01.
Reclaimed Elm Tallboy
The Reclaimed Elm tallboy (pictured) is 940w x 460d x 1450h. T01.
Stamford Cabinet
The Stamford Cabinet pictured is 148 x 50 x 100 cm. The Stamford range includes a six drawer lowboy, a six drawer tallboy, a two drawer bedside, and a queen bed. Reclaimed wood with a natural colour. V01.